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Olivia Lush


Available exclusively at:
The Mustang Ranch
Located in Sparks, NV only 15 minutes from Reno/Tahoe airport.

Main City:

Reno, NV


5'4" Tall / 135 lbs

Without body art expressions


Mid 30s

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Allow me to introduce myself!

I’m Olivia Lush - sensual, brazen goddess from Brazil. My pictures may have enticed you to explore my site deeply, but our meeting will leave you intrigued to know more. For now, we can get better acquainted when you read more about me.

Here you’ll find many paths to your ultimate fantasy fulfillment. Discover salacious rendezvous options, devious fetish possibilities and formidable photos that will tease your senses and videos that will tantalize your desires.

When I am not wrapped in the arms of a lovely gentleman, I can often be found immersed in a good book on the beach, poolside worshipping the sun or working on my fitness goals.

I have many passions...

Including world travel, enjoying exquisite cuisine and wine, going to the theater and concerts, lavishly spoiling my dogs, and contributing kindness and compassion to everyone I meet.

My sun-kissed Brazilian beauty is best complimented by my charming intellect. I fluently speak three languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish), but sensuality is my preferred style of communication. Catch the fire in my eyes and the grin on my lips as we engage in salacious banter, pondering the decadence and taste of my kiss.

Take a journey with me into the realm of romance, fantasy and sensual bliss on your next business trip or personal vacation. Life is simply too short to ignore the adventures of the mind and the pleasures of the flesh...

Let your imagination run wild and let’s get to know one another a little better...


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Elite Companion


While visiting the ranch, I'm usually available from Noon to 10:00 pm or by appointment.

Upcoming visits to Mustang Ranch will be updated  once stay at home orders have been lifted and it's considered safe for all of us to get cozy again. 

  • TBD


Open Full-Size Calendar

Elite Companion


I am delighted that you are ready to indulge with me!

Whether you crave the closeness and connection of your own personal condifanct or the carnal indulgence of the darker side of your fantasies, I provide the ultimate encounter and most exquisite experience you'd ever have.

Each sensual journey we share is an exploration of our desires and exchange fo trust. How deeply we travel down the road is entirely up to you...and I offer a variety of options to design the perfect arrangement.


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Booking an appointment with me is very easy. Please complete my secure appointment form or email me at I personally reply to all my forms and messages.

As an alternative, you can also check my calendar to find out which days I’ll be at the Mustang Ranch and call them directly to make an appointment with me at 


Advance notice and deposits are the best way to ensure that I am available to meet you. Appointments also ensure I can be properly prepared for our encounter, especially if we are planning an outdate, fetish party or specialty encounter.
I always reward those who place deposits with extra time.

Can't wait to be in your arms...


Elite Companion

Virtual Experiences

During times like this a friendly message can really make a difference by brightening your day, helping you go through a difficult moment or being the so needed breath of fresh air. Enjoy my virtual experiences from the comfort of your own home. 

Text Packages

    ​Social Text Package ($150/ week) 

    Daily text exchange (up to 20 mins) and one exclusive selfie per day

    Sexy Text Package ($200/week) 

    Daily text exchange (up to 20 mins) and one exclusive selfie per day  


 Daily Email Package ($100/week )

 Daily email with a brief update on what I’ve been up to and selfie 

Social Skype Sessions ( $100/20 minutes)

What do you really miss is a relaxed conversation and maybe even a good laugh? Let's catch up over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in our casual clothes. We are keeping this conversation PG so yes; we could even do so in our jammies if you'd prefer .  Social distancing doesn't have to mean social isolation. We could talk about what we’ve been up to, pets, favorite movies, future plans, something you want to tell me about your life or any other “vanilla” subject that comes to mind

I can't wait to be your virtual girlfriend...

In order to purchase your preferred package, please contact me on


Elite Companion


Olivia Lush's Girlfriend Experience

I provide elite GFE companionship for the gentleman seeking a no strings affair with the intimacy of a close relationship.Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? Time spent with me will leave you feeling loved, satisifed and sensually touched in all the right places.

Brazilians are famous for being extremely affectionate and I am no exception to the rule.

I love a good GFE (Girlfriend Experience) party and my favorite way of doing it is what I call an “organic encounter” where instead of following a specific script or menu of activities, we relax and take our time to let the date flow to what we want to do with lots of kissing, hugging, cuddling, eye to eye conversations and obviously truly enjoying each other.

Shorter dates are fun but they can never compare to the connection and chemistry built on longer encounters.

For me, a GFE date is much more than just sex. It's intimacy, a safe place where you can truly be yourself without the fear of being judged or criticized. Your time with me is your “safe port” where you can talk about anything you feel like or just relax and let me help you forget about the world outside our room.

Would you like to spend more time together and build a stronger connections? Options are endless. From drinks at the bar, hanging out in the pool or Jacuzzi, a sensual massage, dinner out (on an outdate or by the Mustang pool), just staying in cuddling to a good “Netflix and chill” night to delicious lovemaking and even waking up in each others arms after an unforgettable overnight .

Whatever you choose, I want to make sure you have the best experience ever.
We all deserve affection and having our personal needs met.
Let me make your dreams and desires a delicious reality.

Elite Companion


The Olivia Lush Experience- Emotional Encounters

Are you stuck,  don’t have time to connect with a special someone? Let me be a breath of fresh air.  

My Emotional Experiences are ideal for the discerning gentlemen that are looking for beyond the obvious.

Lack of intimacy in life can be very hard and unfortunately, some people have difficulty filling that void in their personal lives. 

My objective is to offer more than physical release to the gentlemen that choose to spend their precious time with me on this remarkablel encounter.

While the pleasures of the flesh are included in such special package, I aim to please you. 

  • Feel happier 
  •  Heal from past traumas and handle anxiety
  •  Feel more confident 
  •   Accept yourself 
  •   Feel loved and wanted 
  •   Enjoy a quiet night or weekend in great company


Treat yourself because you deserve it.


In the Mood to Explore? Arrange an Outdate!

Partying at The Mustang Ranch is great...
 but if you'd like to explore all that Nevada has to offer, we could go out on an outdate arranged via the ranch. 

An unrushed affair is a certain path to a deeper connectionand presents the ideal arrangement.

A shared meal or promenade stroll allow us the opportunity to progress toward our ultimate fantasy at the perfect pace.

Catch the fire in my eyes and the grin on my lipsas we engage in salacious banter over coffee,drinks, a light lunch or a decadent dinner.

Contemplate the depth of our mutual desire as we sip cocktails and build anticipation

The possibilities are almost endless with extended encouters!

From concerts to gambling and corporate events, we can occupy ourselves in every way imaginable. 

The memories we create will last a lifetime to linger over. 


Some Outdate Ideas, but not limited to:

Visit Virginia City
Enjoy all that Lake Tahoe has to offer
Enjoy a movie at the West Wind Drive-In
Go for lunch/dinner and gambling in Reno
Watch a show or concert 
Go lingerie shopping together and then model the pieces for you at the ranch
Lake Tahoe Dinner Cruise
Join the Mile High Club in style at one of Love Cloud Vegas private planes

Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival from July to August  * A favorite of mine*
And even venture to the fabulous Las Vegas


Would you like to read more about delicious outdate options? Click HERE to check out my blog post "Nevada Outdates: How do they work? "

Elite Companion

Fetish with Mistress Olivia

I provide seductive discipline for those requiring a firm, punishing hand.

Prepare yourself for a formal introduction to Mistress Olivia, my inner Dominatrix. The Mustang Ranch state of the art Dungeon Suite is the perfect scenario for you to immerse in our session and forget about the outside world. 

If you truly dare to explore your wild side, I suggest spicing up our session with my fetish and kink packages. I truly love, excel and specialize in Sensual Domination (the best of both worlds).

I am very seductive, but I am not a switch. Attempts to switch roles or “top from the bottom” will not be tolerated.

Power exchange can be so thrilling...

BDSM / Fetish Favorites

  • Body Worship
  • Chastity Training –Key holder
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Cross Dressing/Sissification (yes, I have lingerie & wig for that)
  • Edging
  • Face Slapping
  • Face Sitting/ Smothering
  • Financial Domination
  • Fist worship
  • Foot / Heel / Boot / Stocking Worship
  • Golden showers/Champagne Cocktail
  • JOI
  • Light Bondage
  • Nipple Torture
  • Prostate Massage
  • Puppy Play
  • Role Play (Taboo or non- taboo)
  • Ruined Orgasms
  • Strap On Training & Toys For Boys And Girls
  • Tease and Denial
  • Tickle Torture
Elite Companion


Couples that experiment together…

Seem to develop a much stronger connection 

I want to make clear that I am not a sex therapist, shrink or any kind of counselor. I am just commenting on things I’ve observed while entertaining couples and helping them find new sensual ways to arouse and satisfy one another.  

I’ve been very fortunate to play with a fair amount of couples in my naughty life. 

Some of them were quite experienced in the adventure of bringing another play partner to their bed, some had gotten their toes slightly wet on strip club visits and wanted to try it for real (why pay a teaser when you can have a pleaser, right?!!?) and others had never done it before and were experiencing a mix of excitement and apprehension for the encounter to come. 

I met lovers that were equally exited and involved in the experience as well as times that the encounter was focused in one of them…The one that was eager to try and experiment something different while the other part was happy to be there and support their enjoyment. 

The important thing is that always both of them where in agreement and pleased with the situation. Boundaries, if any, should be clear and set in advance to avoid misunderstandings or hurt feelings. 

I am not advocating for anyone to have a threesome or foursome if it’s not something you are interested and comfortable with. But, If you and your partner are intrigued, excited or even just curious about it, I recommend you choose carefully the lady to introduce you to this new level of enjoyment, fun, excitement and intimacy never before experienced. It most likely will change and enhance your sex life forever. 

There’s something very special about being free to enjoy someone else’s company with your partner, knowing that it will end with your encounter and no trust is damaged or shattered. 

The pleasure you’ll experience during your rendezvous is great, but even greater will be the many times in the future that you’ll remember, sensually revisit that arousing experiment when getting lost in each other’s arms. 

Just remember to always assure that the encounter is confortable, consensual, enjoyable and safe for all parts involved…

It really brightens my day and feels my heart with joy when I receive a thank you note from any of my dear couples mentioning how much closer to each other they feel and how their trust, connection and sex life evolved during and after our visits. Despite all the fun I have in this career (and I have a lot of fun), my main objective is to enhance my clients’ life, put a smile on their face, brighten their day, week, month…To make a difference to the better. 

Give your partner a gift that will last in your memory a lot longer than flowers and chocolate…



PS: This was originaly a blog post I wrote a while ago that got so popular that it got published on  StripLV magazine so I decided to make it a page on my website to make it easier for you to find it. 

Elite Companion


Reviews are a great way to relive the delicious moments we shared together. I always enjoy reading them and thinking of you. If we've had a party at the Mustang Ranch, please kindly take a moment to leave a couple of words about our moments together on their website.

More reviews posted in:  2018 - 2019 Reviews of Olivia Lush

 08/31/19 - We shared three parties, and it just kept getting better and better. (by J.)

I was hooked on Olivia after researching her on the internet.  She puts herself out there very well.  Not only her beauty is showcased, but she reveals herself in so many ways.  She has worked hard in many fields and is now very content with what she is doing.  This translates into a very engaging and satisfying experience for anyone lucky enough to hook up with her.  I was one of the lucky ones.  When we met, I found the person I had read about - it was all true and in the flesh and oh what flesh.  We shared three parties, and it just kept getting better and better.  She will make you feel whole again in case its been a while.  Her mind is her best asset, and she enjoys using it to help others.  Not only that, but she loves sex in general not to mention all the other somewhat less traveled roads she is an expert in.  I will be back.

07/15/19 - An Outdate with Olivia  (by L)


Recently, I had the privilege of going on an outdate with Olivia Lush.  She is so awesome — Caring, sweet, great conversationist, and so sexy.

A few thoughts about outdates. Unexpected stuff can happen on them.  You and your date are in the outside world away from the MR. While Olivia and I had meticulously planned our date’s activities, things don’t always go as planned in the outside worldAll kinds of random things happened on our date. Now, these occurrences are part of the shared history between Olivia and me.  I guarantee we will both remember this date for the rest of our lives. Outdates definitely have a spontaneity associated with them that I wasn’t necessarily expecting.

I can’t wait to spend more time with Olivia.

 03/27/19 - It was the best two hours I have had with a woman ever!  (by Ken)

First time at the ranch, when I sat down at the table in the lounge she came up and told me her name and asked me if she could join me, WOW, how could you say no to an exotic beauty such as Olivia, she could tell I was nervous, and put me at ease with her stunning beauty and ease  of conversation, we talked for a while , and I knew I wanted to spend more time with her..

We went and discussed how long I wanted to spend with her. We decided we would try two hours for my first time at the ranch. It was the best two hours I have had with a woman ever, she is confident in her womanly abilities, as she should be, she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and her backside is to die for, her curves sensual, her smell intoxicating, her taste invigorating making me wanting more,  that was the best GFE I have ever had.  I am definitely  coming back to see her again. p.s. plus she has pom’s that makes her #1 in my book

 09/30/18 - 100% OUTSTANDING!!!!  (by Gary S)

Had my 3rd party with Olivia on 9-25-18 the day she was leaving. It was outstanding. She is amazing !!!! Fellas go to, and you will see why I plan to see her often. 100% OUTSTANDING !!!!

08/26/18 - Still getting the tingles (by Gary G)

Ms. Olivia, thank you so much for helping to complete my awakening out at the ranch. Wonderful conversationalist, sense of humor, and heart of gold. All that coupled with that exotic body! Still getting the tingles. Loved all the music and talk! Thank you so much for letting me open up to you honey. If our paths don't ever cross again, know that I'll be thinking of moonlight dips under Mars!

08/23/18 - FANTASTIC LADY!! (by Gary S)

What can I say!! FANTASTIC LADY!! Absolutely Beautiful!! Big dark brown eyes and an outstanding body--- that she knows will drive you crazy. Great personality and sense of humor. Saw her Tues. 8-23-18 and will drive three hours to see her before she leaves Tues. 8-28-18. Thank you, Olivia, for a wonderful time.

08/21/18 - I had the most amazing night with this woman (by Paul)

I had the most amazing night with this woman. It was the night of hot passion words don't do justice, but I can tell you one thing I'll never go back to white women again! 

08/10/18 - Best time in many years (by Rick M - Canada)

Best time in many years. Olivia is one special lady who is not only awesome to look at, she feels fantastic. I wish I could keep her for my own, but that would deprive all the other guys a truly magical experience. She is highly intelligent as well and can converse on most any subject. I can only hope she gets as much enjoyment and satisfaction from the men as she delivers, which to me is just as important as receiving pleasure. Until we meet again.

More reviews listed in my blog at:  2018 - 2019 Reviews of Olivia Lush 



There are three easy steps to book an in-call, outdate or overnight party with me.

  • 1-Email me at TheOliviaLush@gmailcom to confirm a date or complete my reservation form on this site.
  • 2-Call (775)343-1224 to leave a deposit.
  • 3-Keep in touch so we can plan your perfect date.


Reno is a short flight or 7 hour drive from Las Vegas, 3 ½ hours from San Francisco or 2 hours from Sacramento, CA and the Mustang Ranch is only 15 minutes drive from the Reno/ Tahoe airport. You can drive to the ranch or take a taxi/ Uber/ Lyft.

If you would like to enjoy me as a Las Vegas Companion, you can book me for a Vegas outdate and I’ll be happy to help you add extra sin to the Sin City.


Due to Nevada state law we cannot legally discuss prices unless we are negotiating in person at the ranch. Please have a budget in mind before visiting and I will certainly work with you. I do my best to work with all budgets , but keep in mind that I am an upscale and well trained companion with an hourly rate that I try to keep at a consistent value.

More than a monetary exchange, my priority is to make sure you have a fantastic time and your needs and desires are met. Knowing that I put a smile on your face, brighten your day; week or even month truly fills my heart with joy.


You can expect a personalized party tailored to your needs and desires with an educated and sexy woman. You can choose from multiple party options, including the best GFE or fetish party, overnight, outdates (where we visit other places in Nevada together). If you are nervous, I will do my best to put you at ease.


My answer is usually Yes! Unless your fantasy includes fluid exchange or risk to health or personal safety. Making your wildest dreams come true is my priority and I take great pleasure on it. Besides offering a super affectionate girlfriend experience, I am also well versed in most fetishes. Trying new things fascinates me.


While we are about 435 miles from Las Vegas, arrangements can be made via the ranch for us to party there during your stay.

I know Las Vegas quite well and would love to be your personal sexy tour guide. Please email me for details at .


I love the company of both men and women and enjoy partying with gentlemen and couples. Click HERE to check out my blog post about entertaining couples.

I do my best to accommodate all disabilities and will work hard to give you the best experience possible.

Virgins are always welcome! I’d be honored to guide you in this new sensual journey making your first time comfortable and memorable!

Everybody should feel loved ,wanted and cared for. Attention, kissing, hugging, cuddling and obviously sex can be extremely healing.I always pay special attention to widowers and gentlemen in need of extra tender loving care


I am happy to work with individuals of all races,nationalities, age (as long as of legal age), abilities or experience.


Still have a question?  Email me at

Elite Companion


Gifts and tips are always appreciated, but they are never expected...

It has been my experience that gentlemen appreciate a little help in this department, so I include this portion of my site to provide that help.

A Gift That Will Touch My Heart

Helping Victims of Domestic Violence
If you would like to make a difference and get closer to my heart, please make a donation to one of the following responsible and reputable organizations:

Supporting Animal Rescue Organizations
I'm a committed supporter of animal adoption services and rescue missions. A donation to any of these responsible organizations listed below and bringing me the receipt as a gift would fill my heart with joy!

  • Animal Network or On My Way Home are NO-kill foster based organizations, which place animals in loving foster families until they find their forever home.
  • Nevada SPCA  -Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Local no-kill shelter in Northen Nevada
  • Good Sense Dogs - Connects people with pets that will improve their lives (Located in Northern California)

Seduce  Olivia!

Gift Delivery Options:

Email gift cards to

Gifts & wishlist items can be shipped to :

QS International (#277)
4132 S. Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas NV 89103


Thank you so much!

Many of my friends demonstrate their affection for me with gifts. These are things I cherish with gratitude and affection as much as the effort which went into them.  Gifts can be brought to our appointment or sent to me at the ranch.

Some favorite things...

  • Lingerie: 36C Bra & Large panties- I'd love a set from Honey Birdette to model for you!
  • Shoes: Size 8.5 (39.5 for European makers)- Jimmy Choo being my favorite!
  • Purses and Wallets: Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci
  • Flowers: Orchids are my favorite but I also love roses
  • Gift Cards:    Amazon (Preferred) / Sephora / Southwest 
  • Amazon Wishlist: Or pick something from my well desired wishlist


Please be advised that this website contains content and images not suitable for minors.
If you are under the age of 18 or are offended by adult-oriented websites, please browse elsewhere. By choosing to continue past this disclaimer, you release and discharge the owner of this website and all parties involved with the creation, maintenance and hosting of any and all liability which may arise from your actions.