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Enjoying the company of a great courtesan within the walls of a legal brothel is surely wonderful but knowing that you have the possibility of exploring other locations with her might be even more enticing. 

If you patronize one of Nevada’s legal brothels, you probably heard the term “outdate” before, but if this is all new to you, don’t despair; I’ll explain what I am talking about.

Ladies working at the Northern Nevada legal brothels, like I do at the Mustang Ranch in Sparks, are allowed to leave the property with a client on what they call an outdate that is organized via the ranch.

 During negotiation you and your chosen lady will decide the outing details like visiting destination, value, activities to be enjoyed together, length of encounter, among other particulars. Once the business part is out of the way, both of you are set for an adventure filled with excitement and sensual bliss. 

An unrushed affair is a certain path to a deeper connection and presents the ideal arrangement. A shared meal or promenade stroll allows you the opportunity to progress toward your ultimate fantasy at the perfect pace.

Outdates are a great option for the gentlemen that would love to enjoy the lady’s company outside of the bedroom as well as making some extra unforgettable memories while getting to know each other better on a different environment. 

Outdates are also a fantastic option for the gentleman that might feel nervous in a brothel environment. This way he can take his lady for what would be considered a “proper date” like lunch or dinner, a walk in the marina, a movie (Sparks has a drive in movie theater if you would like to try something different) just to name a few.

This special encounter can be very uniquely designed based on the client and courtesan’s preferences. 

Some of the delightful options are (not limited to) : 

  • A romantic dinner date in Reno or Lake Tahoe - Getting to know one another over a flirty cocktail or sip of champagne while sharing a delicious meal allows you to become better acquainted while building anticipation. Your time together will be marked by a deeper connection and a lingering bit of bliss. 
  • Enjoying a show or concert together, like for example the summer Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival let the adrenaline of the performance mix with your rendezvous excitement for a night that will be long cherished by both of you.
  • A lunch or picnic and swim or a boat ride in Lake Tahoe - great way to enjoy a summer day together and work out your sensual appetite while spreading sunscreen lotion on each other’s bodies. Having your lady adorned by a sexy swimsuit is surely a view to remember.
  • A visit to historical Virginia City and old time pictures make a great souvenir of your special time together and she will think of you every time she revisits this supposedly ghost town 
  • Are you brave and would like your date to  be extra trilling? Take your lady skydiving in Lake Tahoe. This is an adventure that neither one of you will ever forget and the extra adrenaline will surely be a great incentive for the after party 
  • If you and the lady of your dreams are animal lovers, a visit to Animal Ark, a wild life sanctuary will be a delight. It's located north of Reno. The proximity with the animals is likely to  bring out your wild side and make for an extra rowdy night
  • Still looking for more? Take her to the fabulous Las Vegas.  Allow her to become your sensual shelter and holiday muse. A weekend or few days with her is worth every bit of the investment in nurturing your weekday well being. Escape together into a wanton adventure that both of you will remember forever

The possibilities are almost endless with extended encounters!

 I would like to say that they sky is the limit, but actually Nevada state line is the limit as that is the wonderful state where these encounters can take place. 

Are you looking for some special moments to make you forget all the tension of your every day life? Allow me to be your muse and plan our perfect outing.

You seek the most exquisite of escapes or an extra relaxing rendezvous and you are willing to indulge in your own well-deserved pleasure. Our seemingly endless adventure will capture our memories into the vacation you have always dreamed of taking… and leave you planning an even longer escape for our next meeting!

Can’t wait to make scrumptious memories with you…

Delighfully Yours,

Olivia Lush 

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