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Many people believe that all sex workers are victims of human traffic, have a drug addiction that they need to feed, have a pimp, boyfriend or husband that takes all their money and forces them to “sell themselves”, have no education or other employment option, had a traumatic childhood or were victims of abuse. 

I am not saying that those things don’t ever happen, because unfortunately some times they do, but many escorts, courtesans, dancers, cam girls, BDSM professionals (professional dommes, subs, switches) and other people working in this industry do that because they want to, they enjoy it.  Many are well educated, come from happy families and had many other options of work. They choose to do what they do like I do. 

In my case, I’ve always been fascinated by sex and people that worked with it. I was a late bloomer, but the subject always got my attention.  One evening when I was no older than 10, after sneaking into my room and watching  “The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas”, I told my father that I wanted to own a brothel when I grew up. Dolly Parton made it look like so much fun. All I have to say is that he wasn’t pleased and I was not allowed to watch TV with my door closed again for a while. 

When I got a little older, I truly enjoyed watching late night TV shows about sex and the industry like AVN awards behind the scenes, “TaIk Sex With Sue Johansen” and documentary / movies about exotic dancers and escorts in general. I never understood why it was such a taboo to talk openly about sex & human desires. 

I believed and still do that to survive, people need to eat, drink, rest, and have their sexual urges satisfied. I didn’t include be loved on this list because I was thinking of bare necessities, but if you are also loved, you are in a pretty good position. 

I had a very happy childhood, got a bachelor degree by a respectable university in Brazil, complimented my studies in London, UK, so I can say with confidence that I had other employment options. 

I held a pretty good position in the luxury travel industry for many years and loved it.  The places I’ve seen and the cultures I’ve experienced will be forever in my mind and heart and has made me a better women. But deep down after years of travel, I wasn’t satisfied as I was never home.  Couldn’t have a pet, a regular life and friends that wouldn’t leave at the end of their 4-6 months contract. 

About 6 years ago I lost someone very important to me and wanted a change of scenery. That’s when I moved to Las Vegas, the beautiful Sin City.  I thought it was a great place to go from working in the travel industry to hotels and casinos.  In the beginning I worked regular jobs in casinos but when I got the job I really wanted, I was totally miserable locked in an office from 9 am- 5pm.  Yes, I had all the benefits, a nice tittle and pretty descent salary but being a people person, I was unhappy all the time. I thought about my situation and decided that my time was too precious to spend it doing something that I didn’t like. I was not going to work on something that didn’t make me happy ever again. I left the so wanted job and wen to work as an exotic dancer. Having been an actress for over a decade, I was pretty used to mixed dressing rooms, so taking my clothes off for lap dances was never a problem for me, I actually enjoyed it very much. I loved parading around in tiny outfits and watching the reaction I would have on the guys and many times girls as well. All the attention and the desire I could see at the eyes fixed on me aroused me immensely and seems that my Brazilian body and famous derriere were quite a hit.  I used to be solicited a lot while dancing, one thing took to another and in 2016 I went to work in one of Nevada’s legal brothels. In few months I realized that I didn’t want to go back to the strip club. Although I loved dancing, working all night and having to sleep during the day was quite exhausting.  After leaving the first legal brothel I worked at I took some time off to travel to Brazil and experiment working in Europe until I decided it was time to use my affectionate personality and people skills in another legal house in the US. After making my research, I decided to apply to work at the world famous Mustang Ranch and am very happy that I did so. 

Being Olivia is my full time occupation and I love every minute of it. The wonderful gentlemen and lovely ladies I’ve met, the places I’ve visited on my time off, things I’ve learned, the tastes & smells and wonderful experiences (and of course the amazing Oooosss) that being a courtesan brought to my life are priceless and a much more than I expected when I first started in this business. And the best reward of all is when a client tells me how I helped them having a better day, week, month or even life. Putting a genuine smile on my clients’ face really brightens my day. 

 I am selective with the parties I participate and prefer multi hours (or at least one hour encounters), overnights and even multi day encounters as they give us a chance to really get to know each other in a relaxed and unrushed atmosphere where we can learn about our wishes and desires. Don’t get me wrong, I do shorter encounters and they are a lot of fun, but the quick trill of a short rendezvous can never be compared to the chemistry, intimacy and trust created in extended dates (and yes, more amazing Oooos).  

This delicious occupation gives me time and funds to do other things I enjoy as traveling, reading, exercising, volunteering, charity work, spending time with friends and my dogs and learning new things. 

I absolutely adore what I do and specially enjoy what I can do for you

Would you like to join me in an amazing adventure? Life is too short not to do the things that make you extremely happy. 


Delightfully Yours,

Olivia Lush 

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